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React Native Developer

Position Description

We are looking for professionals with the following characteristics:

At least 2 years of professional experience building mobile apps with React Native. If you have additional experience in web development, it will be highly appreciated.
Higher education in systems engineering, computer science, computing, electronics or similar related to software development.
Fluent in English (written and spoken). We aim for B2 level, at least.
Familiar with Git, specifically with branch management, conflict resolution, and creating/reviewing pull requests.
Proficient with Typescript.
Have an Apple Mac computer and reliable sources of power and high-speed Internet connection.

Technical Skills

Foundational Knowledge on React.js:

Clear understanding of the life cycle of components.
Functional components and hooks.
Best practices for performance.
Management of global states through context, Redux or similar.
Consume APIs with Axios, fetch, RTK or similar.
Forms building, validation and handling.
Synchronous and asynchronous programming patterns.

Solid Knowledge of React Native:

Experience building mobile apps with CLI.
Ability to create screens using UI components from React Native but also with UI libraries from community or third parties.
Experience and clear understanding React Navigation: stacks, drawers and tabs.
Consume REST and Graphql APIs.
Familiar integrating external services or SDKs for features like maps, emailing, notifications, payment gateways or similar.

Other desirable but not required React Native skills (highly valuable):

Push notifications.
Deep linking.
Familiar with the publication process of apps in stores.
Experience upgrading React Native in existing applications.
Basic knowledge of Swift and/or Java.
Targets in iOS and Flavors in Android.

More desirable but not required skills on Web Development:

Be able to build responsive layouts using HTLM/CSS.
Next.js knowledge and its most important concepts about rendering and performance.
Experience creating REST APIs with Node.js.
Design and implementation of relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Work execution along the day, EST time zone, 8 hours/day from Monday to Friday. Please notice, this is a synchronous job that needs us to be available during our customer's working hours.
Consistent and effective communication, including participating in video calls and Slack chats throughout the day.
Daily time tracking through written logs.
Solid orientation to productivity. Ability to produce effective results with minimal supervision.
Take the ownership and responsibility for assigned missions. High solve-problem skills.

And the most important!

Our Offer & Compensation:

At Sancrisoft we are aware that personal goals are above those of any company for which one works. But the greatest happens, when both goals are aligned, creating win-win relationships.

Since software agencies are 95% made of human capital, we care a lot about our people. We can proudly say that we have a loyalty rate above the industry average. The founding partners will be also your coworkers, so we have created an organizational culture where we are all appreciated and valued - just as we wanted when we started!

We believe in long-term relationships, but we also understand that everyone should look for the best possible future, so we will be happy if you are with us for a couple of years or more - no ties or strings.

Monthly compensation between USD 2.5K and 3K. Please note that this range is non-negotiable, and the final amount will be defined according to the candidate's experience level. Sancrisoft assumes the banking fees.
Fifteen (15) annual days of Paid Time Off (PTO).
Monthly bonus for private health insurance support.
Sometimes bored of working from home? We have coworking bonuses up to 4 times a month.
Home office bonus to improve work tools at the end of the first year.
From the second year, financial support for the study of languages, courses, specializations, certifications or similar that are aligned with the organization's objectives.
Annual team building events where we meet in person, learn something new for our lives (non-tech subject) and have lots of fun!

How does all this sound? If you find it interesting, we want to hear from you!

Join Us!

* Make sure to share a link to your CV, LinkedIn, Github, or whatever shows your work

Our benefits



15 days of paid vacations

Happy Hours

Social events to celebrate and integrate as a team
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Competitive Salary

Great salary according to your experience
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Remote Work

We are a fully remote company which means you can join us from anywhere in the world!
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Team Support

Collaborative environment to grow professionally


After the first year of working with us, you’ll have access to a bonus to create the best workstation the way you like the most.